Pitt Band F.A.Q.

Q. What is the time commitment involved with joining?

A. Practices are held four nights a week from 6-8pm. The weeks without home games typically receive Friday practice off.  The band also has a run through on campus before football games.

Q: Do I have to fundraise?

A: No.  Any costs that are associated with travel with the band will be covered by the Athletic Department. However, personal items such as black marching shoes, reeds, oil, etc. are not provided.

Q: Will being in band hurt my grades?

A: No. One-third of our band is comprised of engineering majors, and another third is made up of health care majors. The remaining third comes from other areas of academia, such as business, the humanities, and the natural sciences. So there will always be someone there who can help you with homework and give advice on how to balance the workload.

Q: Will I have free time if I want to join organizations outside of band?

A: Yes. Many of our band members are involved with honor societies for their majors, fraternities and sororities, ROTC, and many of the other activities that are available on campus.

Q: I am undecided if I want to join, what are the benefits?

A: Members of Pitt Band are considered student athletes, and get many of the same advantages as athletes. Each year, we attend one away game, free of cost to you, save for your own personal spending money (a stipend is also usually given to you). Members of the pep band who meet the appropriate requirements will also get to travel with the basketball team to tournament games around the country, also free of cost to the band member. Members are also given free access to all home football games, and one free ticket for a guest.

Q: Once I get to Trees Hall, how do I find the band room?

A: Don't be worried the first time you enter Trees Hall! Please click here to find directions to the band room.