University of Pittsburgh Drumline

2018 Pitt Drumline Preliminary Auditions

By appointment:

 April 2, April 7, May 12 and June 10

As part of the audition process, you will be required to have a short playing interview. 

This audition is NOT for acceptance to the drumline; it is simply a preliminary audition to best determine which section is the best fit for you to audition for. General expectations are:

-Exceptional time keeping ability

-Excellent concept of sound quality / tone production

-Technical mastery

-Rhythmic consistency

Familiarity with our exercise packet is helpful, but not an absolute requirement at this point. Those interested in snare must play traditional grip. Potential snares, tenors and basses should expect to demonstrate the following skills:

-Legato strokes (i.e. 8 on a hand)

-Accent / Tap stroke combinations

-Double beat and triple beat patterns


-Flam rudiments

Snares and tenors should also demonstrate knowledge of flam rudiments.

Basses and cymbals should both be prepared to demonstrate subdivision / timing exercises. 

Membership in the Pitt Drumline is based on attitude, attendance, ability and improvement.

2018 Auditions will be held at our Summer Camp from June 29- July 1 at Trees Hall. At the conclusion of this camp the drumline will be set for the 2018 season.

At the Summer Camp you will play as an ensemble, we will be looking for your ability to blend, balance, and ADAPT. As we work through the technique program, specific explanations of approach will take place. Your ability to keep an open mind and incorporate the Pitt way of doing things will be crucial. All members audition for their spot, including vets! Everyone must practice. 

The July Camp will be from July 20 – July 22 at Trees Hall. This camp will be mandatory for all members of the 2018 line, this is where the pregame music and formations will be taught.

For questions and to set a time, contact Dr. Brad Townsend
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 Or Paul Rush 
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