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Membership Canidates

Danielle Schomer, Crissy Shannon, VPM Jessica Hampton, Michael Kim

Welcome our newest membership candidates, the delta epsilons! We're so excited to help you strive for the highest this Fall! AEA!

Name Class Section Family Line
Michael Kim δ ε Baritone Gold Line
Danielle Schomer δ ε Trumpet Silver Line
Crissy Shannon δ ε Bass White Line


President Morgan McArthur: mgm61@pitt.edu

Executive Vice President of Service Kim Hosan: kjh86@pitt.edu

Vice President of Membership Jessica Hampton: jeh188@pitt.edu

Secretary Michael Buckstein: mbuckstein@kkpsi.org

Treasurer Anthony Imhof: aji8@pitt.edu

Historian/Alumni Liaison Brad Munson: brad_munson@kkpsi.org

Chapter Email: alphaomega@kkpsi.org